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Our workshops help entrepreneurs quickly verify design assumptions, identify functionality and design processes efficiently

Define MVP and create the first prototypes as a validation of the assumptions made.


On the first day, we get acquainted with your idea. We gain comprehensive knowledge about it, ask a lot of questions, verify assumptions and together with you organize the vision and product strategy.

On the third day, we define the proper scope of the project.

The fourth day is intended for working with a prototype (paper or digital) - we model selected processes related exclusively to user interaction.

The fifth day is dedicated to validating the assumptions made so far.

Proven experience

We have many years of experience in working with clients and we approach each one individually. It does not matter to us whether you are looking for support with a potential solution, or an already existing project - we will prepare an individual offer for you that will meet your expectations.

Once you have participated in such a workshop, you will know in which direction your idea should go.

Devops services

Scope workshop

A scoping session is a meeting with our expert team, during which together with you we discuss in detail all aspects of planning the project:

The workshop begins from identifying the vision of the product and validating it. This is a typical analytical workshop during which - after getting acquainted with your idea - we organize the product vision and share our observations.


After that we develop a backlog, define user stories and epics. Once we define the scope of the MVP and develop user personas, we will provide you with initial technology recommendations. Based on the backlog, we will prepare estimates that allow to define the realistic scope of your project.

Finally, we will prepare a roadmap for your product with a view to its harmonious development. Thanks to it you will know exactly what is going to be completed and when.


As part of the workshop, we can create a prototype of your project before we start working on it. Thanks to this supporting solution, you will be able to evaluate your idea well in advance. Our interactive prototypes are very popular with our business clients as they allow them to obtain funds more easily from investors, who can almost touch the financed product before the process of its delivery begins.


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