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Nice appearance does not always mean functionality, but the best products always combine attractive design with usability.

Thanks to our experience, we create unique, user-friendly products which bring tangible benefits to your company.

UX & Visual Design

We attach importance to each stage of the design process - from thorough research to final analysis, from simulating the user's journey to visual design. We provide users with the best possible experiences, so that their journey becomes easy and enjoyable, and the conversion of your product is optimized.

Strategy and discovery

We analyze your idea, validate the strategy and ask hundreds of questions to identify the chances and risks of the project. We verify the behavior of your current and future customers and develop a preliminary product concept to finally transform ideas into processes.

On the third day, we define the proper scope of the project.

Devops services


Based on the validation of your idea, we start the first visual works and give your concept a specific shape. We develop an information architecture to organize your product in the best way. We use low-fidelity wireframes that focus on navigation and interaction between screens to illustrate how the application should be built. All this aims at engaging users and encouraging them to use your product.

Prototyping & validation

We design advanced UX prototypes, often indistinguishable from final applications. Using our user interface designs, we combine screens into an application prototype that allows simulating screen transitions, button clicks and animations. Such a prototype can be used in an investor presentation or user tests before an actual product is developed.

Visual Design & development recommendations

We correct the imperfections picked up at an earlier stage and finalize the project’s appearance - a unique style is conferred on it with optimal user experience in mind. We prepare a manual with guidelines for engineers to ensure the product’s consistency and facilitate its development.

Whether you are starting work on a new project or need a qualitative change in the course of a running process, we are here to help you.


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