MVP & PoC for start-ups

Do you want to hit the market in a fast and cost-efficient way?

MVP development services

We will develop MVP for you, so that you can immediately reach your customers and quickly implement your idea. You will start running your business at a minimal cost by relying on the already operational core of your product. Implementing advanced, more time- and cost-consuming functions, or testing and refining your product will come at a later stage.

Devops services


A well-implemented Minimum Viable Product (a working product superficially prepared for entering the market with a minimum of functions) will quickly verify the potential of your idea at an optimal cost. The implementation and development of MVP ensures a fast and efficient realization of the product concept. From the very beginning - from the first ideas, through prototyping, to product development and release, we will guide you to your success.


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By implementing our processes and tools, you will reduce the cost of your software development and bringing it onto the market. Our processes will maximize the efficiency of your team and shorten the time needed to complete each task.

Our work is based on the following stages - collecting requirements, analysis and research, creating a backlog and prioritizing the MVP scope.

You in the process

You participate in the entire process with us - we share our knowledge with you and guide you through the subsequent stages of work. Even if you are just starting off in this sector, with us you will gain unique skills that will be useful in our further cooperation and in your next projects.

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