IoT, Industry 4.0 services

We are up to speed with the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution.

Thanks to the miniaturization of devices and their capacity for being connected in a network to ensure continuous communication between them, with the option of collecting, processing and exchanging data, intelligent devices have reached numerous places so far inaccessible to them.

Everyday use devices that we all have at home (washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, air conditioning controllers, mobile phones) have long been able to communicate with other devices via the Internet and make our everyday life easier by automating our activities.

Enterprise solutions

The same is happening today in large production facilities, whose staff have so far manually collected and analyzed production-related data. Once intelligent production solutions are implemented, companies can lower their operation costs by saving time, obtaining far more accurate data directly from the production process and optimizing their human resources.

Devops services

Bravelogy IoT

We create software which enables companies to obtain information from physical devices connected to their network and we create such devices as well. Do you want to make the shift to paperless at your company? Automate your business with us, switch to an electronic system and get rid of excess paper. We will design and build a prototype of the most revolutionary device for you.

Succesful process

Together we will verify in depth whether the product has a chance of success. We are conscious of the value of your data and go the extra mile to ensure the security of our solutions. We will take care of all legal issues related to data sensitivity and storage, creating safe and optimal solutions for your business.


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