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Project for chemical company

Bravelogy created advanced manager and work planner for construction projects.
Our client hires external contractors to work on specific construction projects in different locations. Client's goal was to optimize resource planning and better costs / profits prediction.

App simplifies resources management in company: business owners, managers, workres, cars, foams (types), products, jobs, offers, and cost of sprayers work. Managers can assign workers to individual jobs and thanks to weather forecast service integration, pick the best date to start. Business owners are maximizing profits thanks to better scheduling, they can now utilize their human resources more efficiently. More money is comming from every job done, app allows to predict final price for work and foam, so user can pick best man for the job.


  • Managing resources outside organization
  • Every type of foam is different and behaves differently in specific weather conditions (temperature, humidity, wind, storms, etc..)
  • Azure B2C have to be used for this solution
  • One interface for desktop and mobile
  • Fast prod deployment (bug fixing)


  • New users directory
  • Using weather forecast services and maps integration to predict best conditions for sprayers
  • Customized templates were able to unify B2C content with an app
  • Every screen is a PWA screen
  • CI/CD

Construction project
Construction project
Construction project
Construction project
Construction project
Construction project


Project management, Design, UI/UX, Backend and frontend development


.Net Core, RabbitMQ, Azure, Azure Devops, PWA

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